Prayer & Praise Requests

If you have any you'd like us to add, please contact us through the guest book, phone call, email, or facebook.
  • All our upcoming meetings and safety on the road.
  • Our physical, financial, and spiritual needs as a family.
  • Christian Carlisle
  • Carly Isaacs
  • lost family/loved ones
  • Churches who financially and/or prayerfully support us
  • Our missionaries we support
  • Cindy Stultz
  • Frederick Family
  • Becky's health issues
  • Brenda
  • The needs of the missionaries we support 
  • Our country, leaders, and military
  • Many answered prayer requests.
  • RV is on the Road, many repairs have been done, and God has been to us!
  • Our Church is a blessing letting us stay on the property when we are traveling through-between meetings!
  • Booking meetings for next year!
  • Saw souls saved and preachers encouraged this year! 
  • Michaela saved!
God sure has been good!