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Member of
Morning Star Bible Baptist Church 
Pastor Toure Carter 
Sundays 10 am Sunday School,
  11 am Morning Worship  
 4 pm evening worship
  Wednesday 7 pm
 February 22nd-25th Morning Star Bible BCroaptist Church Mission Conference  West Memphis AR 
March 31st-Aptil 1st Cross Roads of Life Danville OH Weekend Revival 
April 15th-20th   Community Tent Meeting Loris SC 
June 6th-10 Calvary Bible Baptist Church Elbridge NY 
July 1st-6th Heritage Baptist Church Groton NY 
July 8th-15th  Amazing Grace Baptist Church Columbus OH Tent Meeting 
July 18th Bible Baptist Church West Springfield MA
July 27th-29th Grace Bible Church Tent Meeting  Kingfield ME 
August 5th Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church Prosper ME 
August 16th-17th Passadumkeag Baptist Church Passadumkag ME
August 19th Chester Baptist Church Cherster ME
August 26th-28th Calvary Baptist Church Frankfort NY 
September 16th-19th Lighthouse Baptist Church Altoone PA
October 17th-21th  Morning Star Bible Baptist Church Camp Meeting  West Memph is AR 
November 16th-18th Grace Christian Baptist Church Andalusia AL Revival 
November 25th-30th Bible Baptist Church New Port Richey FL Revival